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Whereby to choose the splendid Online Deal Rooms and to save a budget

It is obvious that the Online Storage Areas grow in popularity in the entire world in these latter days as they have manifold useful functionalities we can use for our every-day life. In these latter […]

How to get client ip address in AngularJs

Code to Get IP Address: Here in this article will see how to get client IP address in AngularJs application. For this, we use angularjs $httpservice to make an ajax call, which in response gives us the Client […]

SQL SERVER : How To Change Collation for all DataBase Table Columns.

 Change Collation for all Database Tables columns: Here in this article will see how we can modify the collation of our database tables column. In our previous article have explained how we can find the collation […]

C# set File Attributes [change file attribute to read only]

Set File Attributes: While working on a c# console application, I have a requirement to make all the files in read-only mode. In short, I need to change the file attribute and make them all […]

2 Ways Get File Extension in Javascript?

Get file extension in Javascript: In a web application, we use form tag to save user input. Primary form tag contains textbox, textarea and input file .i.e ( file upload ), etc. While data entering […]